Braden Snap-On Black Nipple for Calves - set of 6




Braden Milk Snap-On Black Nursing Nipple fits most standard calf nursing bottles with top OD from 2.25-2.6" (57-67mm).  Sold as set of 6. 

Designed to replicate a cow’s teat, the Braden Milk Snap-On Black Nursing Nipple provides milk at the proper rate to stimulate saliva production which is essential for nutrition and for the development of the calf’s digestive system. Other nipples cause calves to gulp providing too much milk too quickly and discouraging salivation.

The Braden Milk Snap-On Nursing Nipple gives a perfect flow of milk and fits any of our snap-on style nursing bottles. 

  • Model: 265-0005

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