Bulgarian Yogurt Culture - 5 pack

Probiotic Yogurt Culture, new packaging on this product.  Same great flavor, bulgarian style yogurt culture.  This yogurt is so delicious, and a very nice rich flavor with just enough tartness to enjoy without adding anything!  Or course you can always add honey or your choice of sweetener. And best of all, you can make it just the right consistency that you desire.  Want it thick? Then place it into a cheesecloth line colander over a bowl and allow the whey to drain until it's as thick as you want.  Ingredients:  Lactose, Dextrose   S. thermophilus, L. Delbrueckii Bulgaricus, Probiotic cultures are B. Animalis Lactis, and lactis L rhamnosus

You may also try our new yogurt culture called LyoPro YD+  wonderful flavor and creamy consistency and you can make so much more yogurt for the same price!  The Plus sign means it's chock full of healthy probiotics!

Whip in some Chocolate protein powder to your thick yogurt and enjoy a yummy pudding-like consistency without all the sugars in store bought products.

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Each packet of this yogurt culture will direct set 2 liters or quarts of milk into thick creamy style yogurt. Can be recultured. Use a couple tbsp's for innoculating the next batch. Or save some in an ice cube tray and use a couple cubes to innoculate the next batch.  No other added ingredients!

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