Mobile Milk Bar 50 for Calves


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The Mobile Milk Bar goes right to pen or pasture to feed up to 45 calves. Unit consists of a 132-gallon/500 liter tank with hinged lid, manifold with 50 nipples, two fill taps and two drain taps, all mounted on a galvanized trailer with hard rubber tires.

Milk replacer is mixed in the tank then the required amount is released into the manifold. A manual leveler allows milk to flow evenly to all teats whether draw bar is on the ground or on a vehicle with high tow bar. It is advisable to leave about 5 nipples free so calves don't need to search for a free nipple.   See a great video below with the MilkBar 50 in action!

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To clean, mix cleaning solution in the tank, let flow through the taps, scrub the tank and the nipples.

Mobile MilkBar is made of quality materials for easy cleaning, durability and calf safety. Overall length including draw bar is 138", width 69". Wt. 405 lbs.

  • Model: 265-2050