Milking Protection Kit




Personal Protection Milking Kit

This Milking Protection Kit is for those folks that want protection from the elements of milking... soil, mud, milk, water, bugs...they want to stay clean, and also provide more protection for the animals. Remember, cleanliness is important whem milking!

We provide three items in this kit:


Dairy UtiliApron

Large size ( Small and medium or extra large are available, just make a note in comment section of your order)

CoburnWear Dairy UtiliApron is waterproof, comfortable and durable. UtiliApron is lightweight and features crisscross straps, keeping straps in place and reducing neck and shoulder fatigue. Straps are adjustable for the perfect fit and feature strong stainless steel snaps. Magnetic clips and a large zipper keep the chest pocket closed and clean. UtiliApron also has four tool loop locations, reducing trips to get tools, syringes and dip cups. Two deep utility pockets and two large towel pockets are cut at an angle for easy access. Vents in the pockets allow water to drain quickly. For added safety, the apron has three reflective bands.

Coburn's UtiliApron comes in four sizes, small through XL. UtiliApron cleans easily and is machine washable. Each apron is available in black and is retail packaged for store shelves. Wt. 1.5 lbs.

Small - Height 4'8" - 5'3", apron length 34"

Medium - Height 5'4" -5'9", apron length 39"

Large - Height 5'10" - 6'3", apron length 45"

Extra Large - Height 6'4" and up, apron length 51"

N-Dex 4-mil Smooth Glove Box of 100

Better for milking than latex vinyl or poly N-Dex Milking Gloves are made of nitrile for comfort sensitivity and most importantly good udder health.

Wearing gloves prevents milkers from introducing the bacteria found in the deep fissures of their hands to the udder. Nitrile gloves are especially recommended for dairymen practicing the "once-under" pre-milking procedure advocated by many veterinarians. The method includes a vigorous rub of each teat after pre-dipping which is very hard on bare hands. When used during "once-under" nitrile gloves protect hands reduce fatigue and help to prevent cracked dry skin.

Thin and strong nitrile has the advantage of losing its "memory" in less than 10 minutes. This reduces stress on the muscles of the hand and acts like a support stocking stimulating but not tiring the hands the longer the glove is worn. The low-modulus hypo-allergenic formula keeps hands feeling cooler and drier and it is more abrasion and puncture-resistant than vinyl. At the same time nitrile also has the advantage of disintegrating immediately if a puncture does occur alerting the operator that the glove must be replaced.

Gloves should be worn once then thrown away. Gloves fit both right or left hands and are sized using the "global" standard.

Blue Waterproof Milking Sleeve - kit includes Two sleeves

These adjustable milking sleeves have elastic and hook-and-loop closures on top and bottom, making them adjustable for a perfect fit. Blue nylon Supplex sleeves, which are heavier and more waterproof than nylon sleeves.

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