1 HP Milk Transfer Pump Stainless Steel




Portable Milk Transfer Pump is perfect for a small processing plant to pump milk where needed. The Sterling motor is completely stainless steel with built in drains to ensure a long life free of corrosion. It is perfectly matched with the American made Anderson milk pump. These pumps have proved themselves to be very durable and are very popular with small to medium processors.

Anderson Milk Pump (Made in USA)

1HP Sterling Motor
30 GPM (Less if pumping above 6FT high)
Stainless Base Plate
Stainless Adjustable Legs
Stainless Carry Handle

Pump Motor Designed for milk pumps that mount directly on a NEMA C face type motor.


Ball Bearing, 60 Hz, Keyed Shaft

1 HP
3600 RPM
115/230 Volts
1.15 Service Factor
56C Frame
5/8" Keyed Shaft
All Stainless Steel


  • Model: 2012001