Stainless Steel Pail with Tilt Handle & Chime - 13 Qt




Thirteen Quart Stainless Steel Pail with Chime AND Tilting Handle!  13 Qt - Made in the USA!

This pail keeps manure and mud from sticking to the bottom of the pail
! Pails have an exclusive one-piece chime construction. The chime is sealed tight the entire way around the pail body. There are no rough solder joints or crevices. This pail has the most sanitary chime ever designed. What will they think of next! Not only that, but no more spilled milk...

Easy pour tilting handle makes pouring into the glass jars a breeze!

Made of heavy-gauge 18-8 type 304 stainless steel and has a reinforced extra-heavy top rim and extra-heavy bottom for added strength and durability. The mirror polished exterior surface and satin finish inside allows for easy, sterile cleanup. The seamless, one-piece construction (the ears for the handle are formed from the same stainless steel material as the body) ensures the handle will stay intact.

Made in the USA.



Pail Specifications: Top Outside Diameter: 12-1/4", Height: 9-1/2", Bottom Diameter: 8-3/8", Pail Thickness: Bottom and top rim are .105 (12 gauge) and sides are drawn (flowformed) to between .012 and .015 (28 to 30 gauge)


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  • Model: 1113X

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