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Stainless steel bulk tank lid with 1.5" hole for your swing line. Just sits on top and the swing line pipe will hold it in place. Made...

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Stainless Lid and D95 Pulsator Combo
Replacement stainless bucket lid and pulsator combination for cows. The Pulsator Lid Combination comes with a D95 Pulsator, Delaval Style bucket lid...

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Kleen Flo 01 Inflations for DL 06 Shell
Kleen Flo 01 rubber Inflations for DL 06 Shell - comes as a set of 4  

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Replacement 300cc claw with valve
Replacement 300cc claw with valve plastic 9/32,SxS.. with radal bowl Westfalia style claw used with the Delux Portable Bucket Assembly set up.  

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Rubber parts kit for 300cc Westfalia Claw
Rubber Parts Kit for the 300cc Westfalia Claw used with the Delux Bucket Milkers. These are the parts that wear out the fastest over time. Contains -...

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D#95 Pulsator 60/40
D#95 Pulsator 60/40  2 Port Comes with the Delux Portable Milker Bucket Assembly Also available in 65:35, 70:30, 50:50 ratios.  If you want...

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Adaptor for Delaval Lid
This Interpuls adapter will allow you to fit any interpuls, BRK or D95 pulsator to a DeLaval lid. Complete with all gaskets.

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BRK 2 Port Pulsator
The Interpuls/BRK pulsator is an alternating pulsator that has been used in parlors, on pipelines and on portable bucket systems by dairymen for...

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Belt for Delux Portable milker 1 HP
Replacement Belt for the Delux Portable 1HP milker A-32

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Switch for the 1.5 hp Portable Milker.

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Wheel for 1.5 hp Portable Milker
This heavy duty steel hub pneumatic tire for 1.5hp Portable Milker. The tire has a high quality rubber casing designed for long life. Heavy duty...

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Simpson Muffler for 1.5hp portable milker

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Filter for Sentinal 350/500 regulator
Filter for Sentinel Regulator 350 and 400

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Manifold Assembly for 3/4HP Mini Pump
Manifold Assembly for 3/4HP Mini Pump - Nupulse Portable Milker

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Vacuum Release Valve for Delux Portable Milker
Vacuum Relase Valve for the Delux Portable Milker

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1 HP Conde #3 pump head, with oiler
1 HP Conde #3 pump head, with oiler for the Delux Portable Milker

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Small vacuum gauge, 2"
Small vacuum gauge, 2" for the delux portable milker.

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10" air tire for deluxe unit, 3/4" ID
Wheel for the Delux Portable Milker.

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Coburn Blue Boot and Shoe Cover -Bag of 50
BLUE Boot & Shoe Covers are disposable and have an elastic top. The covers are 4mil and are made of blue textured plastic.  Foot length is...

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Multi-Ratio Foamster II Cleaning Gun
Foamaster II Chemical-Resistant Hose End Cleaning and Sanitizing Gun is suitable for degreasing soaping disinfecting and cleaning. It has internal...

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KegLand Electric Apple Grinder Stainless Steel 2 HP 110V
This all-stainless electric apple grinder (aka apple crusher/grinder/pulper/pulverizer/masher) makes the correct pulp size of your apples for the 40L...

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Cushion Cow Hip Lift
Heavy-duty construction with powder-coated frame and galvanized components ensures years of reliable service. Generous padding increases comfort and...

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Speidel Stainless Spigot - 3/4 inch
Replacement Spigot for the 20 L and 50 L Braumeister all-grain brewing system.  Has 3/4 in. threads and can be used for the Speidel casks as well

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Sansone Stainless Fusti Tank - 100 L (26.4 gal)
Description Stainless steel Fusti tanks are perfect for water dispensing, storing honey or olive oil, or short-term storage of wine Safer to use...

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Sansone Stainless Fusti Tank - 75 L (19.8 gal)
Description Italian-made stainless steel Fusti tank Perfect for water dispensing, storing honey or olive oil, or short-term storage of wine Safer...

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Cheese Cloth - 2 yards
Two square yards of 100% cotton 90 count cheese cloth, like butter muslin, is tightly woven at 90 threads per inch. It is used for draining all of...

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Plastic Nesting Box Deluxe
Made of impact-resistant polyethylene, which is easy to clean and will not rust, rot, or corrode. The bottom basket is closed to prevent loss of...

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Vacuum Pump Oil - Case of 6
Pump Oil Case of Six Gallons Non-foaming Vacuum Pump Oil flows freely even at low temperatures. Rust-inhibiting and will not form sludge. Gallon...

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2 Cup Fresh Guacamole Keeper
Keep guacamole fresh longer. The press-fit seal prevents guacamole from browning.  We tested it here at Homesteaders Supply and it works. ...

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Multi-Purpose Bucket - case of 6
Multi-Purpose Bucket is a straight-sided muck-style bucket with rope handles. Useful for a variety of farm chores. Capacity 40 quarts (about half the...

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