Green Ways

Go Green

Green Business Ways for Sustainable Living!

We pride ourselves in providing a business that helps to protect our environment while helping our customers live self-sustaining lives to the extent they choose.

  • We recycle boxes and packing materials:
    and use Asto-Bubble
  • Astro-Bubble® Rolls - This industrial light duty green bubble wrap contains up to 40% recycled using up to 20% post-consumer content.
  • Our website hosting company is wind powered.
  • We sell quality products that last.
  • Many of our products replace having to use disposable products.
  • We have products that depend on manual energy, rather than electricity.
  • Many of our products can be powered by solar energy.
  • We only sell heirloom seeds.
  • Many of our products help our customers do their own processing of food.