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Cheese Making Tools Kit
New to making cheese? Or just don't have the tools you need?   We have put a kit together for you that has the tools you need to make...

$84.50 $67.99Save: 20% off... more info

The CoolBot transforms any well-insulated room into a walk-in cooler by harnessing the cooling power of a standard air conditioner. ...

$374.00... more info

Dietz Millennium Cooker Lantern
The Dietz #2000 Millennium Cooker Lantern was developed to heat water or food for emergency or camping use indoors or out. Its compact design is...

$83.99... more info

Express Pistol Grip Dehorner with 1 Fuel Can
The 144G Express Green Pistol Grip Dehorner is designed for easy handling quick trigger ignition fast heating and easy maintenance. The Dehorner...

$219.50... more info

Ferment with the Prepper Pro
Designed and manufactured by Homesteader's Supply!  Made with beautiful Applachian Hard Cherry wood and seasoned with 100% Raw Organic...

$34.50 $28.99Save: 16% off... more info

Fermenting Kit
Vegetable Fermenting Kit  Exclusive from Homesteaders Supply!   Makes a great gift.  After you get some wide mouth canning jars...

$103.00 $89.99Save: 13% off... more info

Hard Cheese Making Kit
Want to make hard cheeses?  Then here is the kit that gives you all that you need, exept the milk! New from Homesteaders Supply, by request from...

$244.50 $229.99Save: 6% off... more info

LyoPro MO Meso Cheese Culture
Our new line of cheese cultures from Italy, all NON-GMO!   LyoPro MO is a mesophilic freeze-dried Lactic Starter Culture with fast...

$14.99... more info

LyoPro Y+ Yogurt Culture
Our brand new line of LyoPro yogurt cultures are manufactured in Italy and are all NON-GMO.  LyoPro Y+ is a freeze-dried Lactic Starter Culture...

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Pickle-Pro Fermenting Lids - 6 pack kit
The Original Pickle-Pro Vegetable Fermenting Lid that fits all canning jars!  Choose Wide Mouth or Regular when placing into cart. Now get our...

$86.00 $74.99Save: 13% off... more info

RennPro Vegetarian Granular Rennet
Newest Rennet on the market!  RennPro Vegetarian Granular Rennet is a great product that helps you make the very best cheese!  ...

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SLS Single Animal Livestock Scales
Cardinal Scale’s SLS series with steel deck, single animal livestock scales are available with or without a livestock pen and dual...

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Sweet Marys Wood Butter Mold
Butter mold and press for 1 pound block of butter! Made in USA! Special Sale pricing! Made with beautiful hard Cherry wood!   With Butter...

$78.50 $64.50Save: 18% off... more info

The Ultimate Cheese Press in Cherry Wood
Ultimate Cheese Press made in Hard Cherry wood!  Hard Cherry is a beautiful wood that deepens in color over time. Each one is unique as the...

$205.50 $194.99Save: 5% off... more info

Yogotherm Yogurt and Cheese Making Kit
Our New and Improved Yogotherm Yogurt and Soft Cheese Making Kit, only from Homesteader's Supply!  We have added more cultures, and updated...

$132.96 $87.99Save: 34% off... more info
Displaying 1 to 15 (of 15 Products)

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