Meat Tenderizer

Here are the products you can use to tenderize your meat and game.  We carry products from three companies, LEM, TSM and Weston. Choose the one that meets your needs from manual to electric!

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Weston Meat Cuber And Tenderizer Attachment
Weston meat cuber and tenderizer attachment for Weston Pro-Series meat grinders.   The tenderizer blade attachment can cut through meat up...

$169.99 $158.99Save: 6% off... more info

Weston Manual Meat Cuber Tenderizer
No more messy work of tenderizing or cubing by hand.  This product from Weston reduces the cooking time & maximizes the effectiveness of...

$176.99... more info
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 Products)

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