Cheese Making Kits

Most of us start cheese making the same way, searching for products, not know what they are or how to use them.

We have put our kits together with you in mind! Most people have an idea what types of cheese they want to make based on what they use to eating. So we have taken some of the guess work out of the process and put together kits for beginners and for the more experienced cheese maker alike.

We pride ourselves in all high quality supplies in our cheese making kits, all that you will use, the same products a professional uses. Our kits are designed by the type of cheeses to make, like the Colby-Cheddar, or Italian Mozzarella. We even have cheese making kits that will allow you to experiment, like our Great Blue Cheese kit gives you the supplies needed to make three types of Blue Cheese. And we have the Supreme Cheese Making Kit to have everything you need to get started making a variety of cheeses.

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Book: The Cheesemaker's Manual
The Cheesemaker's Manual -  By Margaret Morris, 250 pages.   This manual combines both the scientific and practical aspects of small...

$68.95 $59.99Save: 13% off... more info

Cheese Making Tools Kit
New to making cheese? Or just don't have the tools you need?   We have put a kit together for you that has the tools you need to make...

$84.50 $67.99Save: 20% off... more info

Goat Cheesemaking Kit
Introducing our newly updated Goat Cheese Making Kit .  This is a perfect kit for folks wanting to make real cheese from delicious goat's...

$54.50 $43.99Save: 19% off... more info

Best Basic Cheese Kit
This is by far the best Basic Cheese Making Kit you can buy!  No frills, nothing to go to waste.  And Free Shipping to the lower 48...

$59.88 $49.99Save: 17% off... more info

Hard Cheese Making Kit
Want to make hard cheeses?  Then here is the kit that gives you all that you need, exept the milk! New from Homesteaders Supply, by request from...

$244.50 $229.99Save: 6% off... more info

Italian Mozzarella Cheesemaking Kit
Introducing our Real Italian Mozzarella Kit and is exclusively from Homesteader's Supply!  Most mozzarella recipes call for using citric...

$56.50 $44.99Save: 20% off... more info

Soft Spreadable Cheesemaking Kit
The Soft Spreadable Chesemaking Kit is our newest addition to our line of special cheesemaking kits! We came up with this easy to make cheese kit...

$45.23 $26.99Save: 40% off... more info

Colby and Cheddar Kit
Cheese Making Kit for making Colby or Cheddar Cheeses exclusively from Homesteader's Supply!   This kit is the real deal, all the supplies...

$57.50 $48.99Save: 15% off... more info

Culture Sampler Kit
This Culture Sampler cheese making kit is for the cheese maker with some experience looking to expand their horizons, or for the brave but serious...

$106.71 $59.99Save: 44% off... more info

Starters Cheesemaking Kit
Starter Cheesemaking Kit !   This cheese making kit is for the serious beginner and is exclusively from Homesteader's Supply! This is our...

$194.59 $144.99Save: 25% off... more info

Supreme Cheesemaking Kit
  Our Supreme Cheesemaking Kit is for the serious beginner or the experienced cheesemaker, and is exclusively from Homesteader's Supply!...

$235.50 $184.99Save: 21% off... more info

Blue Cheese Making Kit
Finally, by popular demand... we have added our own Great Blue Cheese Making Kit!  But it's not just any ol' blue cheese... we have...

$96.50 $84.50Save: 12% off... more info

Camembert and Brie Cheesemaking Kit
Camembert and Brie Cheesemaking Kit from Homesteaders Supply! Camembert is one of the most famous cheeses originating from  France dating back...

$43.50... more info

Feta Cheese Making Kit
Making Feta cheese is easy and so delicious especially with new and updated Feta Cheesemaking Kit exclusively from Homesteaders Supply!  The...

$42.50 $36.99Save: 13% off... more info

Yogotherm Yogurt and Cheese Making Kit
Our New and Improved Yogotherm Yogurt and Soft Cheese Making Kit, only from Homesteader's Supply!  We have added more cultures, and updated...

$132.96 $87.99Save: 34% off... more info

Cultured Dairy 14 - Day Challenge Kit
For The "Cultured Dairy 14-Day Challenge" At Traditional Cooking School So You Can Make 9 Homemade Cultured Dairy and Cheese Recipes In...

$94.99... more info

Cultured Dairy and Cheese Making e-Course Kit
Cheese Making Kit for Cultured Dairy and Basic Cheese e-Course This cheese making kit is specifically set up for participants in the Traditional...

$145.00... more info
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