Fruit Crushers

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Manual Fruit Crusher for Apples
Make your own apple cider with this easy-to-use manual crusher! Put the apples (or pears) into the 17"x14" hopper and crank away. The knife...

$419.99... more info

Manual Grape Crusher
Manual crusher for grapes with agitator. Comes with aluminum rollers. The rollers can be adjusted for pressing, and ensures the integrity from the...

$495.99... more info

KegLand Electric Apple Grinder Stainless Steel 2 HP 110V
This all-stainless electric apple grinder (aka apple crusher/grinder/pulper/pulverizer/masher) makes the correct pulp size of your apples for the 40L...

$999.50... more info

Speidel Motorized Apple & Pear Crusher
Speidel Motorized Apple & Pear Crusher Quality 230v apple crusher manufactured in Germany by Speidel. Easy to use. 2,200lb of fruit per hour...

$1,539.00... more info

Motorized Apple Shredder
A motorized shredder for use with apples, pears or any other fruit which needs processing before it can be pressed for its juice. Not for use with...

$1,645.20... more info
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 Products)

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