Fermenting Tools

The Prepper Pro is just one of a variety of tools that makes the prepartion of your ferments so easy.  We carry mandoline slicers that we have tested to make sure they work well for slicing and dicing eveything you need to add to your jar. Have more suggestions of tools for us to carry, just let us know!

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Ferment with the Prepper Pro
Designed and manufactured by Homesteader's Supply!  Made with beautiful Applachian Hard Cherry wood and seasoned with 100% Raw Organic...

$34.50 $28.99Save: 16% off... more info

Pickle Pincher Delux
Wonderful way to take your pickles out of the jar, clean and easy, without wetting your fingers. Easily grabs pickles, olives and antipasti from jars...

$8.35... more info
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 Products)

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