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NOW !  Better design and construction + Increased throughput!

All  Freeze Dryers are in stock now... usually ship within a week.  Also there is now an extra large freeze dryer... call us for pricing.

  • Faster drying…25% less time. A batch that once took 30 hours can now be freeze dried 8 hours faster.
  • Touch screen moved to the top of the unit – making it easier to access and read.
  • Smaller in size but still has the same great capacity as the older models.
  • Nicer, less industrial look includes no bulky fasteners on the front and sides.
  • New unit keeps the food trays perfectly level. Yet, the chamber still slopes front to back for drainage purposes. 
  • Sturdy interior and exterior design makes the unit stronger. Won’t get damaged when moved or shipped.
  • No adjustable feet on the bottom of the unit. Better protection for internal components with the addition of a bottom plate which completely covers the base of the freeze dryer.
  • All freeze dryers come with the Premier Oil Pump!
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Large Freeze Dryer – Stainless Steel NOW with 6 Trays
Large Harvest Right Freeze Dryer in Stainless Steel! Now with 6 Trays! Freeze dry 3,000 pounds of fresh food per year (18-23 pounds per batch). In...

$4,095.00 $3,795.00Save: 7% off... more info

Large Freeze Dryer – White or Black Color NOW with 6 Trays
Large Harvest Right Freeze Dryer in Powder Coat colors of Black or white!     You choose! Large freeze dryers now come standard with 6...

$3,895.00 $3,595.00Save: 8% off... more info
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 Products)

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