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We carry Portable Goat Milking Machines and Portable Sheep Milking Machines too! Check out this section especially for Goats & Sheep, give us a call for questions or ordering. Click here to go to Portable Milking Machines

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Caprine Feeder for Goats and Sheep - Complete Kit
Caprine Feeder for goats and sheep is a Complete Kit offered only by Homesteaders Supply! This lamb and goat feeding bucket is the easy way to...

$137.50... more info

Goat or Sheep Basic 6 Milking Head Gates
Goat and Sheep 6 Stall Milking Unit 6 Stall Goat & Sheep milking unit with cascading head gate and gang release. Comes in Left or Right entry. ...

$1,892.50... more info

Milking Kit for Goats and Sheep
Complete kit for milking your small animals like goats and sheep, and maybe even a mini cow!  Kit brought to you exclusively by Homesteaders...

$63.50 $58.50Save: 8% off... more info

Master Milking and Cheesemaking Kit for Goats and Sheep
All newly updated kit from Homesteaders Supply... our Master Kit for milking your goats and sheep along with our cheesemaking kit for goats and...

$95.49 $83.99Save: 12% off... more info

California Bander
California Bander Castrating Tool The California Bander is a stainless steel tool which applies stretchy surgical tubing for fast and easy bloodless...

$54.50... more info

California Bander Bands
Bands for the California Bander Natural latex bands are 6 inches long and have aluminum T-clip attached. For use with the California Bander. Package...

$39.50... more info

Care Kit for Udders
Udder Care Kit!  Works for cows, goats, sheep!  This kit provides 3 necessary items for caring for your animals udders/teats. And you get...

$134.50... more info

Udderly EZ Milker for Goats
The Udderly EZ milk and colostrum collector for goats is a hand held trigger operated pump which safely and effectively collects milk or colostrum....

$201.90 $189.50Save: 6% off... more info

Udderly EZ Milker Kit for Sheep, Pygmy, and Exotic
Udderly EZ Colostrum Collector is a hand held trigger operated pump which safely and effectively collects colostrum. The collector is easy to use...

$201.90 $189.50Save: 6% off... more info

Milk Bar Pen Waterer Complete
Milk Bar Pen Waterer is a new product we are offering! Features: Unique covered design aids in eliminating debris from contaminating the water...

$179.50... more info

Navel Cord Clamp - pkg of 100
Umbilical Cord Clamps help to prevent the introduction of bacteria into the newborn animal and also prevents stress from sprays, dips or other...

$52.50... more info

Navel Cord Clips - pkg of 25
Reusuable navel cord clips for pigs and lambs. These cord clips prevent navel infection that can cause joint infections, diarrhea or generalized...

$21.50... more info

Pritchard Flutter Valve Nipple
Hollow cone lamb nipple set of Two.

$7.50... more info

Stainless Steel Milk Pail - 9 Qt
9 qt Stainless Steel Pail or Bucket made in the USA with Stainless Steel sourced from the USA!  Not many companies can say that.  The 9...

$83.50... more info

Stainless Steel Milking Pail Lid for 9 qt pail
Dome shaped covers the pails when not in use.  Covers will hang on pail rim.  Flat surface of cover lip fits on top pail rim for covering....

$48.50... more info

Small Calf, Goat and Sheep Dehorner
Cast Bronze Electric Dehorner with a 5/8" inner diameter is preferred by veterinarians for quickly dehorning of small calves, goats and...

$132.50... more info

Dehorner with 7/8" OD Tip--200 Watts X30
Rhinehart Electric Dehorners feature automatic control for correct, steady heat that is fast and easy to use. Electric dehorning is safe and...

$139.50... more info
Displaying 1 to 17 (of 17 Products)

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