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EZE Bloodless Castrator Kit
This easy-to-use bloodless castrating tool causes minimum stress and discomfort to the animal, and therefore, will not interrupt the rate of gain....

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EZE Bloodless Castrator - clips and bands
Replacement bands and clips for the EZE Bloodless Castrator. Contains 50 extra clips and bands.    

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XL Tri-Band Applicator
XL Tri-Band Applicator permits a fast easy bloodless castrating procedure which causes less stress than cutting or crushing. Thick latex XL Tri-Band...

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XL Tri-Band Rings - set of 50
Elastrator Rings for the XL Tri-Band Elastrator. Set of 50 rings

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Plastic Castrator with 100 Bands
Elastrator enables placing a rubber ring over the scrotum to castrate lambs, young goats or calves. Can also be used for tail docking with lambs. The...

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Elastrator Bands - 200
Elastrator Bands  200 count

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Elastrator Applicator - Large Castrator with 100 Bands
Deluxe Aluminum Band Castrator is easier to operate and has better leverage than other elastic band castrators. Featuring a wide ring spread, this...

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Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 Products)

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