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Adjustable Heavy-Duty Cow Hobble--Blue & White
Adjustable heavy-duty cow hobble is made of leather-reinforced nylon webbing. Positive lock and roll-style buckles make them secure and easy to...

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Hobble - Blue Cow Cufflink II
The Blue Cow Cufflink - Color Blue This is a hobble type device which prevents your cows from kicking during the milking process, and is also used to...

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Hobble - Red Cow Cufflink II -
The Cow Cufflink - Red,  is a hobble-type device which prevents kicking and is also used to keep animals stable after difficult calving or in...

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Kow Kant Kick
Kow Kant Kick is the tool needed when your cow's udders are full of edema after calving, or if you just can't get your cow to stop kicking....

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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 Products)

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