Milking Supply Kits and Tools

These are kits put together by Homesteaders Supply to help you with the work you do!  If you have other suggestions, let us know.

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Milking Kit for Goats and Sheep
Complete kit for milking your small animals like goats and sheep, and maybe even a mini cow!  Kit brought to you exclusively by Homesteaders...

$63.50 $58.50Save: 8% off... more info

Thumbhole Duo Milking Sleeve
The Waterproof Sleeve Duo, made of waterproof nylon, has a unique design that extends around your thumb anchoring the sleeve around your...

$37.80... more info

Master Milking and Cheesemaking Kit for Goats and Sheep
All newly updated kit from Homesteaders Supply... our Master Kit for milking your goats and sheep along with our cheesemaking kit for goats and...

$95.49 $83.99Save: 12% off... more info
Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 Products)

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