About Us

This store became a reality because of a passion for homesteading and self-sufficient living!  Our mission is to offer you the best quality we can find in homesteading supplies at the best prices. USA made products is our first priority, but let's face it, not everything is made here anymore. So the next best is quality products from other places.  We don't sell junk!  We can't always complete price wise with the big box stores, but we do offer something they probably don't... friendly service!  Don't believe this... give us a call and see for yourself!

Our story of how we started:  At the time, I was learning to homestead on my 5 acres of land...farming, gardening, and raising livestock. I found I loved fresh raw milk, learning how to make homemade cheese and butter, and raising the beef and pork as a meat source.  The chickens, ducks, turkeys, emus and a goose provided a wonderful variety of eggs. Raising and producing as much of your own food as you can is very satisfying, but a lot very hard work.

While trying to find supplies needed to run a homestead, I found myself on many different web sites and at times ended up with a product that was not the highest quality. Maybe you have had the same experience, buying a stainless steel milk pail from India or China that bends, breaks and rusts after a short period of use.  Hence, the origin of Homesteader's Supply, Inc. This endeavor was entirely created from the passion for homesteading, and the desire to live closely with the land, the animals, friends, and to get back to the lost traditions of old.


  • Encouraging self sufficient, self sustainable living and homesteading of all varieties... family farm, urban homestead, country homestead, or even in NYC!
  • Environmentally friendly products, U.S.A. made and manufactured whenever possible
  • Dairy Milking equipment and supplies!
  • Livestock care.
  • Poultry, equine, bovine and even pet supplies!
  • Canning / Preserving / Processing of Fruit, Veggies and Meat!
  • Heirloom Gardening
  • Cultures and supplies for Cheese Making! Even our own kits!
  • Variety of items for the homestead kitchen and so much more!

A Message from the Owner!

Please let us know if you need something and can't find it here. We're adding products daily and likely can get it for you easily. If you're having trouble figuring out which category an item may be in... use the SEARCH feature. It works wonderfully!!!

If for any reason you are having issues placing your order online... simply give us a call at 928-583-0254 and we'll gladly assist you. If long distance charges are a concern... give us a call, tell us your phone number and we'll call you back on our dime. It's our desire that you have an enjoyable shopping experience with us. Thank you for shopping with Homesteader's Supply for all of your homestead needs!


Homesteader's Supply, Inc.

PO Box 518
Coleman, MI 48618


(928) 583-0254



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