Need Financing?

If you have a business or starting a business and need financing for your equipment, anything over $1000, just click the link below to open the application (application coming soon!)  The application process is just the starting point. But we make it easy, and most folks have their financing approved in about 2-3 days. If you don't want to fill out an application online and would rather talk to someone about it, just call our North Star Rep Talia at phone # 802-540-1054  and she will help you get the financing you need.   Or you can give us a call 928-583-0254  You can always email us too, and provide your name and phone number and we will give it to Talia to call and assist you.          

And remember, you can always call us for more information or to discuss you situation. We are here to help you & We appreciate your business! 928-583-0254


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