Smokin' Deals

Welcome to our Smokin' Hot deals area!  Check back each day... there will be a variety of deals from specific items to shipping discounts and anything else we can think of to help you save money!  We will also have some Deals of the Day, only good for specific time period.   If you have suggestions for us, just send them to us by email!  Thank you for shopping with us!  Cheers!

 Smokin' Hot Deals: 

Special deal for this month:  Buy any one LyoPro Cheese Culture and get another one free... let us know which LyoPro culture you would like to try by leaving us a note in the comment section of your order!   Cheers!

SafGuard Pasteurizers with Stainless inner bucket are back!

All new larger Harvest Right Freeze Dryers are in stock and ready to ship. Know that we can also get the extra accessories too. And shipping is free!

The 1.5 Portable Milking Machine is now available again. Compare the milkers we carry, all USA made, in the Complete Setup section.  We know the prices seem high and it is tempting to get one for way less... know they come from all kinds of countries and not designed like our USA machines which all based on the Delaval industry standard, tested for lots of years to be safe for use with your farm animals, and which means you can always get parts for all of the ones we sell. And these machines will last you for years, and always resellable!  If you need help with equipment like Portable Milking Systems, call for assistance or you can email us. 

Also we now have plenty of our beautiful Ultimate Cheese presses, available and ready to ship. And if you are new to cheesemaking, get our Hard Cheesemaking Kit which includes the cheese press plus a little kit that has everything you need to get started making a wonderful cheese.

Know that we keep adding new products all the time. Our webstore carries all kinds of products for self-sustaning lifestyle... know that we are not able to carry ALL products from all the companies we represent... so you can always ask us if we carry specific products you are  wanting but don't see them in our website.  We love suggestions for products to add to our website.

Please provide your PHONE NUMBER for all orders and inquiries.  Emails don't always get through these days.    Know that we NEVER share our customers information with advertizers or anyone else!  We do not sell lists of our customers to advertisers!

And remember we have Gift Certificates!   Sometimes it is the best way to buy for others, they can then choose what they want to get.

Also know that sometimes shipping charges seem a bit high when calculated by our website, let us know if you have concerns and we can get more accurate quotes for you and help you with your purchase. We do actually refund excess shipping charges to our customers!  WE are here to help! We want Happy customers!

Hand Crank and Duluxe manual Grain Mills now both have Free Shipping!


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