Rubber Seals for Tattler Regular Mouth Lids




Regular Mouth Rubber Sealing Rings - 1 dozen

Replaces seals for Tattler Reusable Caning jar lids for Regular Mouth!

Made in USA

BPA free!


.Please note that the Tattler lids and seals are available, but our supply keeps running out with huge demand for them    We have shipments coming in from the manufacturer, but they are trying to keep up with the high demand right now.   We will ship your orders as soon as we can, we would appreciate those of you buying just to keep on hand let us know, so we can ship the supply for those needing them fast them fast right now.   This is a great product to keep on hand even for future use. We are almost out of our supply now, and will be getting more about mid sept.  We will keep you updated here.    Sorry for this trouble, but we do appreciate your business!

  • Model: RegSeals

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