Red Cheese Wax - 2 lbs

We offer the best cheese wax, expertly made to preserve the taste, safety and look of your cheese.  Wax protection is vital to safely let the cheese age naturally, as coating cheese traps moisture and prevents dryness.  Cheese wax is a special formula of wax just for cheese without worring about cracking or uneven coatings.  This brand is fully compliant with FDA regulations.  Approx melt point is 140 degees F and the dip temp is for 150-170 degrees F.  

Melt our top quality,  RED food grade Made In the USA cheese wax in a double boiler and apply very thin coat over cheese two or three times for aging! You can apply with a brush, or our best suggestion is to dip your cheese into the wax and rest the pieces on wax paper (it won't stick to the cheese).  Just dip each piece a bit more than half way into the hot wax, rest it on the wax paper, then dip the opposite end just over half way.  We suggest if you are new to cheesemaking or preserving with wax, to cut large cheese wheels into quarters and wax the smaller pieces. Remember to label each piece with the type of cheese inside and the date it was waxed.  Now you will be able to have cheese anytime without cutting open the whole large wheel of cheese!  And especially if you make a variety of cheese, this method allows you to eat your cheese of your choice... so all your cheese is on a rotation.

You get TWO 1 lb blocks! Each block is 9" X 2 3/4" X 1 1/2"  Can be painted on or dipped.  Save  the leftover to be heated up again for the next use.  Just peel the wax off the cheese when ready to eat, and save the wax for reuse.

Our USA made wax has arrived, plenty in stock and FREE shipping all 50 states!

Waxing cheese is one way to prevent mold growth.  But many folks are confused by the variety of colors available to purchase.  Different colors of wax was traditionally used for commercial cheese making, sometimes identifying a color with the length of aging or a country of origin. The color of the wax has no quality designation or other meaning within the industry, but individual compaines use specific colors for their own marketing purposes.  For home cheesemaking, the purpose of waxing with a colored wax is to keep the light and the air out to prevent mold growth. 

We know how expensive this can be for shipping, so we have included shipping by Priority Mail...(to US destinations only)!  Plenty in stock, ships right away!

Call us if you want to purchase more than the 2 or 6 lbs of wax we have on our website, we can assist you with however much you want to purchase!


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