Butter Churn Glass Electric


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The Electric Butter Churn provides for the fresh delicious taste of home-made butter, available in only 20 minutes and the motor does all the work.

It features a Lexan dasher (agitator), aluminum handle, electric motor, heavy cord with 3-prong plug, 2.5 gallon Duraglass jar with cap, and carrying handle assembly.

This churn will process 7 quarts of cream at a time. Complete with instructions.  Please realize that when using any churn it's best to only add enough cream to half of the jar, and then if the cream is thick to thin it down with cold water.  Even though it is thin, it will still break the butter from the cream, and in fact it will probably happen faster.  If you use the churn full or have the cream really thick it can break the paddle.  So remember to make the cream thin and make your butter faster! 

Replacement jars, lids, and dashers available, just give us a call!

And now available is a stainless steel agitator you can purchase for your butter churn! The churn only comes with the lexan dasher... the stainless one is an optional purchase.

  • Model: GD2

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