Thermometer - Stainless Steel Large Dial, 12" Long Stem

The Absolute Best Cheese Making Thermometer! Easy to Ready Dial about 2 inches, and the clip will attach to just about any type pan no matter how deep! Reads in Farenheit and Celcius scale.

Made in France!   Now On Sale!

• External Calibration Recalibratable

• 304 Stainless Steel Constuction
• Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lens
• Superior Shock Protection
• High Visible Scale

Guaranteed accurate to 1% within its range of 0-220 degrees Fahrenheit, dial-type liquid thermometer features an unbreakable polycarbonate lens, pivot and gear-free construction, and a stainless steel case. Simply insert 12" long stainless steel stem into liquid and read temperature off attached circular dial. Comes with an easy to use clip!

Instructions:  These thermometers can be recalibrated easily for many years of use!   Loosen the nut on the back of head and turn slow to the correct temp and retighten the nute.   Do not turn the head of the thermometer while the clip is attached to a pan, you can possibly alter the calibration.  Squeeze the clip to loosen and turn the thermometer so it will be at the correct position for viewing when attached to your pot.

Recalibration suggestion:  Place the tip of thermometer between two ice cubes, or place into a cup of ice.

Cheese makers ... Don't be without one!


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