Fermenting Starter Culture

Veggie Fermenting Starter Culture - 2 Teaspoons

Now available from Homesteaders Supply, with Free shipping to the lower 48 states only, starter culture for fermenting your raw vegetables!  

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  • Lactococcus lactissubsp lactis
  • Lactococcus lactis subsp cremoris
  • Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis biovar diacetylactis
  • Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. cremoris
  • Dextrose carrier

You can even use this culture to make butter, sour cream or even some soft cheese!  Remember it's the ingredients in a culture that gives the flavor in your product,


Suggestions for use:

Use 1/16 tsp per quart of veggies or other foods you want to ferment. You can use more based on your desired fermented flavor... the more culture you use, the more tangy the outcome.

Each container has enough culture to ferment at least  30 quart jars of veggies.

Dissolve starter into luke warm non-chlorinated water. Let sit for 20 minutes to wake up the culture.  Depending upon your recipe, add this with your other ingredients like salt and herbs to your veggies into a mixing bowl. Cover with cloth for 1/2 hours and then pack into a fermenting vessel.  For using the Pickle-Pro Lids,  you can add more water to completely cover the veggies, leaving one inch air space below the lid, two inches for watery veggies like cabbage. Some suggest adding sugar to this starter process to help the fermenting get started, but is not necessary as the fermentation process uses the natural sugars from the veggies. 

Milk has been used as a fermentation nutrient in the production of this product, although in small amounts as in all of these types of cutlures.  You can store this culture in the freezer for longest life of use.

Fermenting Vessels: 

These cultures are perfect to use with the Pickle-Pro Lids manufactured right here in the USA by Homesteaders Supply!  The secret is in the use of the air-lock which allows for the gases produced during fermentation to push the oxygen out of the jar, reducing the potential growth of mold!  And now, with the use of the a starter culture, your fermenting process gets a kick-start to producing loads of beneficial bacteria making your foods tastier and healthier for you!

Want to learn more about fermenting raw veggies and more? Check these out:

  • the book Fermenting Foods by Wardeh Harmon
  • We also suggest Wardeh's online fermenting classes at Gnowfglins.com Great especially if you learn well with videos!

Get our Fermenting Kit and receive this culture and the book by Wardeh, along with our 3 pack Pickle-Pro Lids and our new Prepper Pro tool!

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"YAY!!  This Starter Culture Rocks, helps me make the Bestest Fermented Foods and BIG Thanks to Wardee who sent me here!!"  Kristin in WA  August 2016

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