Marchisio Wine Bottle Filler 3 Spout Stainless Steel 9L Reservoir

Stainless Steel wine bottle filler with 3 spouts and 9 liter reservoir.

Put one feed line into this filler from your fermenter or barrel and fill three bottles at once. Unit comes included with a Siphon Bulb for conveniently starting a siphon from the holding tank to each filler spout. Each bottle fills independently of one another to allow for staggered filling (take one bottle off as another is filling). Fill is initiated when bottle is placed onto filling spout and set down on the bottle tray. The flow of liquid will stop automatically when the level of liquid in the bottle reaches the liquid level in the reservoir.  The bottle will rest upon the bottle tray during filling. Spouts feature a unique design that eliminates dripping when bottle is removed. A float valve keeps the wine level constant in the wine reservoir at all times. Each spout fills about two bottles per minute. Built-in drain allows for easy cleaning. All metal parts are made from 304-type stainless steel. Replacement fill spout seals are available.

16.5" L x 16" W  x 21.25" H 
Nozzle diameter: 12 mm (0.472441 inch)

Please note: this unit is not intended to be used with spirits or other high alcohol beverages.


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  • Model: WE602


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