Calcium Chloride 1 ounce

Calcium Chloride is used when making cheese from homogenized, pasteurized or frozen milk to help restabilize milk structure and hasten curd set.  And now with most store bought milk ultra-pasteurized, the calcium has been rendered useless for the rennet, which needs it to break the milk into curds and whey!

Calcium Chloride can also be used at certain times of the year, when firm curd is hard to obtain due to changes in animal diet and stage of lactation.

So we suggest you use Calcium chloride whenever you make cheese when you want consistent result


New Product! Calcium Chloride - Pellets


We now carry calcium chloride in food grade pellet form, instead of the liquid form.   Easy to dispense. Use ¼ tsp per 3 gals milk (approximate for less milk) diluted in small amount of non-chlorinated water. Add it to your milk and mix well before adding any rennet.


Calcium Chloride helps in curd formation. Use with any type of milk for consistent cheese production.

Never use too much though, as it can result in dry hard curds.  If in doubt, use a bit less!


Keep lid tight, store to keep dry.




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