Reblochon Mold

Reblochon  Mold with follower is used for pressing semi-hard cheeses. Works just like the Tome Mold and follower, just 1/3 of the size! This is the mold in our Best Basic Cheesemaking Kits!

Reblochon Molds are now in stock!

This mold is a must have for anyone that is making cheese!  The bottom can be used for forming softer cheeses like cherve, cottage, feta, etc.  There are holds on the sides and the bottom allowing for the whey to drain. Best is you line your mold with a good quality cheese cloth which keeps the cheese from trying to squeeze through the holes. 

The Reblochon mold also works well if making a small batch of cheese say from one gallon of milk that needs molding and pressing. Here you can also make a colby or cheddar that will need some firm pressure. Remember, you can't put too much weight on these molds... they are not meant to be used as a cheese press. If you desire a really solid and firm harder cheese, then yes you will need to use a real cheese press.  Check out our Ultimate Cheese Press! We designed it and manufacture here in the USA!

Suggestion:  If you have 3 gallons of fresh milk to make a large batch of cheddar or colby or other favorite cheese... make your cheese in a large pot, then  separate the finished curd into smaller batches to add different herbs and spices.  Use your reblochon molds to make those smaller and specialized wheels of cheese.  This way you can have 3 different flavors with one batch. Check out our special deal on purchasing 3 Reblochon molds as a set!

Dimensions: 5.3"  X  5.3"  X  2.6"

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