Stainless Steel Colander - 5 Qt

Sturdy, well made stainless steel colander 5 quart capacity.   A must have for cheesemaking and other so many other cooking tasks like washing fruit, pasta, etc...

12 inch in diameter with depth of 4.5 inches.   Also has sturdy handles out to the side which easily allows the colander to sit atop a pot or a bowl. And this is perfect size for sitting in the top of a stock pot, especially for draining curds when making cheese... to keep them warm during this process.

If you haven't already guessed it.. there isn't much in our kitchen trusted to anything but stainless steel. The main reason is aluminum reacts to various acids and isn't as sanitary as stainless steel. Our milk is only stored in stainless steel or glass... same with our butter, ice cream, etc...

This line of colanders is terrific for cheese making. We use this 5 quart size because we make 3 gallon wheels of cheese, but not everyone consumes cheese quite as quickly as our crew...

Happy Homesteading!

Need a larger one, give us a call!  We have 8 and 13 qt colanders available!


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