Yogotherm Yogurt and Cheese Making Kit

Our New and Improved Yogotherm Yogurt and Soft Cheese Making Kit, only from Homesteader's Supply!  We have added more cultures, and updated our recipes.  You can even make sour cream and butter with this kit!

Now it's easy make a variety of yogurt, kefir and soft cheeses with our brand new Yogotherm Kit!   And we show you how ... it's so easy with this method.  And we give you the cheese and yogurt cultures to try out the more sweeter flavors or the tart flavors!  Now you can make all your family members happy!

We added the Yogotherm to this kit as a great way to incubate your product, without using electricity. No need to keep your stove tied up for hours or days.  Great yogurt and soft cheeses take time to incubate so it's thick and wonderful tasting.  With the yogotherm, the preparation is easy and allows it to incubate out of the way for as long as needed.  And that's it!

All the cultures and rennet are Non-GMO and manufactured in Italy! We provide you with Two Cheese cultures, Two Yogurt cultures, One Kefir culture, and Rennet for the cheese!   If you bought everything in this kit by itself you would pay $132.96 plus shipping.  We have put all this together for those who want the whole kit... and love the idea making cheese and yogurt with the yogotherm. Folks are busy these days and don't have the time to monitor other applicances or be home all the time just to make these products. Many folks like making more than one product at a time and will purchase a second or even third Yogotherm.  We give you all the ingredients for lots of product and your first yogotherm at such a great deal! 

SAVE MONEY ON THIS KIT... with our special sale price and Free Shipping to the lower 48 states!   This kit provids you with recipes for Yogurt, Kefir, Yogurt Cheese, Kefir Cheese, Cream Cheese, Quark, Fromage blanc, Chevre frais, and even Sour Cream and Butter.  We give you plenty of supplies to make enough yogurt and cheese to last you a long time, as well as trying out other recipes you find. Once you've used your products, its easy to come back to our webstore and purchase just what you need rather than buying a whole new kit.  And if you love your kit and want to make even more, then maybe you will just want to purchase a 2nd Yogotherm!

Each batch only requires up to 2 quarts milk and or cream. You can use the type of milk you want for any of these recipes...cow, goat, or sheep milk... straight from the animal or even store bought milk.   Each one results in their own wonderful flavor.  After using the yogotherm, just transfer your end product to another container to store in the fridge, leaving your yogotherm ready for another delicious recipe to try.  Not wanting to make a lot of product at one time... just use the inner yogotherm bucket to store it in the fridge. 

The types of yogurt, and cheese you make with this kit is the type you will want to top off with fruit, granola, or maybe a little honey. The cheeses are the type that you can add herbs, spices, sweetners to and use as a spread for breads or crackers.  Eating Yogurt, Kefir, and cheese is so healthy when make correctly... and we've made it easy for you to learn with this kit.

This kit includes:

  • One Yogotherm
  • LyoPro MO Cheese Culture (Milder soft Cheese)
  • LyoPro MDL cheese Culture (Chevre Type cheeese)
  • RennPro Vegetarian Granular Rennet
  • 1 yards 90 count Cheese Cloth
  • 1oz Calcium Chloride (for use with ultra pasteurized milk)
  •  LyoPro YD+ Bulgarian Style Tart Yogurt Culture
  • LyoPro Y+  Greek Style Sweeter Yogurt culture
  • LyoPro Kefir Culture
  • One Thermometer
  • HS Recipe Booklet

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