Sprouting with Canning Jars

This Sprouting with Canning Jars is a special kit prepared for you from Homesteaders Supply!   It's a great way to grow your spourts at home without spending lots of money on special kits.  The reason is that some smaller kits will only allow the sprouts to grow to limited size and you can only start sprouting a couple types of seed.   Using these sprouting lids allows you to use regular canning jars... it fits wide-mouth mason jars, quart and half-gallon.  Now you can easily grow a variety of sprouts right there on your kitchen counter. 

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to grow healthy sprouts right there in your kitchen without any special expensive equipment.  And this method allows you to grow a variety of sprouts easily with this method. 

You can grow the leafy type sprouts like brocoli, raddish, etc, and use them on sandwiches instead of lettuce, or in salads, or even but them in the blender when making your healthy green drinks.  You can also sprout beans and peas which can also be used as the leafy sprouts, but also make a great crunchie snack to eat on the go.  And actually they come out sweet!  And remember you can also use this system to sprout just about anything... it is part of the fermentation process. And also don't forget how nutricious it is to sprout the grain you give to your critters!

Recycle a wide-mouthed mason jar by simply attaching the lid and soaking the seed according to instructions. And now you can be sprouting as many jars as you want at one time!

This lid is great for larger seeds, like mung beans, and lentils.  Smaller seeds can slip through the holes in this lid if not careful. So, we have solved that problem by adding cheesecloth to this package.  When the seeds are very small before sprouting, just cut a piece of cheesecloth a bit bigger than the size of your jar opening, place it over the opening, and you can seal it there with this green lid on top, OR you can just seal the cloth to the jar with a canning jar band! 

Included :

  • 4 Green Sprouting Lids for Wide Mouth Jars
  • 2 square yard quality 90 count cheese cloth
  • 4 Wide Mouth Canning Jar Bands.

Note:  our half gallon jar of sprouts is not included!  You will need to sprout your own. 


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