Ferment with the Prepper Pro

Designed and manufactured by Homesteader's Supply!  Made with beautiful Applachian Hard Cherry wood and seasoned with 100% Raw Organic Non-GMO Coconut Oil.  All you need to do is reapply oil after using and it will last a very long time! 

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We designed it for a comfortable fit in your hand and so easy to use for many tasks in the kitchen.  It's a perfect design for pressing veggies like cabbage that need the fibers broken a bit to release it's liquid for fermenting. And then it's perfect for compressing your veggies into the fermenting vessel.  It has a sharper edge, rather than rolled allows for it to slide down the side of the jar for perfect packing.  And, each end is sized differently for different needs.  The larger end fits into the wide-mouth canning jar and the smaller end fits well for use with the regular-mouth jars.  Great tool whether preparing a ferment or for canning!   Comes included in our Fermenting Kit!

  • Now includes access to a free CHEAT SHEET from Wardee Harmon, author of Fermenting Foods, giving you formulas for all types of ferments. FREE

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Here are some other uses for our new Prepper Pro:  pressing the water from your freshly made butter;  pressing fresh herbs for infusions, oils, etc; mashing berries for jams and jellies.  Click on main photo to see other photos.

Check out our most recent use for the Prepper Pro... pressing elderberries as we make Elderberry Juice, the greatest tonic to improve immune system and prevents colds and flu especially in the winter! Click on photos about and you will see it in use!  And you can even read our blog article on our Prepper Pro and it's uses! 

Dimensions:  10" Long, 2 3/8" wide large end, and 2" wide small end. Weight approx 10 oz

We would love to hear back from you with other uses you have found helpful!


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