Poultry Nipples for Watering - Set of 4

Poultry nipples so easy to install yourself into a plastic 5 gallon pail with lid.  We provide the instructions.  All you need besides the bucket is a 11/32" drill bit. Drill the holes in bottom, and install the nipples, hang the bucket within easy reach of your poultry. Show one how it works, and the rest follow along.  

360° Super Flow Push-In Poultry Nipple set of 4

The ideal poultry and bird nipple for both broiler and layer systems. For the free-roaming type homesteads, no more mess when the ducks want to swim in the water bowls! 

Ours come with a much more substantial grommet than many others out there, making a secure leak-proof watering system.

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Perfectly waters your birds while keeping your litter dry.
Does not require a drip cup.
360° side action pin...water drips easily from any touch from poultry.
Stainless steel, delrin body.
Sealing components are 100% stainless steel.
Push-in includes the rubber grommet.
For Tubing systems ....drill hole size should be 9.5mm.
Can work with gravity fed systems like a 5 gallon buckets.

Instructions for gravity fed: (Watch the video below to see how easy this is to do!)

  1. Drill holes in the bottom of the sealed bucket with an 11/32" drill bit (purchased locally). We suggest three holes, spaced accordingly, for maximum efficiency.
  2. When installing nipples, place rubber grommet in drilled hole first, followed by the actual nipple. Grommet is included with each nipple. Wetting the nipple first eases the application.
  3. Hanging or fastening your drinker will depend on the location and application. We recommend using rope, cable or chain.

Poultry learn in seconds how to use it.  Just show one how, and the others will follow.  Even ducks can do it! 


Great stocking stuffers for friends!  Need larger quantity, just give us a call!



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