Premium Hoof Treatment Mat--72"x36"

Hoof and foot problems, including hard-to-treat hairy wart, are the biggest cause of milk production losses--make Hoofmat your first line of defense. Unlike the conventional foot bath, Hoof Treatment Mat is a strong poly mesh covered, high-density foam mat that pushes treatment solution into the hoof via hydraulic action. The benefits of this system are numerous.  Each mat measures 72"x36"

  • They are easy to install. Hoof Treatment Mat is made with an extra-heavy poly mesh covering channel-stitched to a high density inner foam liner. Placed at the entrance to the milking area on a level surface, Hoofmat is soaked with treatment solution, then lifted at day’s end for rinsing and drying. Solution is fresh every day.
  • They stay clean. Manure is simply scraped off the surface. Urine runs off the surface of a filled mat. Blue mesh covering stays new-looking even after repeated use, and the lifetime of the mat is over 100,000 cow passes.
  • They are effective. Treatment solution is forced up through toes by hydraulic pressure created by the hoof’s weight on the liquid-filled mat. This good coverage enables the solution to be the most effective – even on stubborn hairy wart.
  • They are accepted by cows. Cows show no reluctance to walk over Hoof Treatment Mat, as they may with foot baths. One 13-gallon fill of the Premium Hoof Treatment Mat will treat about 100 cows.

Placed at the entrance to the milking area, the full benefit of Hoof Treatment Mat is appreciated. Walking over the mat before milking allows penetration of the treatment liquid during the milking time, before cows return to wet or dirty conditions. Premium Hoof Treatment Mat weighs 10 lbs. (dry) and has a capacity of approx. 9 gallons.

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