Fllies Be Gone! Natural Fly Trap - Case of 50

Flies Be Gone Natural Fly Trap for Outdoors - come as a case of 50 traps.  Very economical!

FliesBeGone is an effective outdoor fly control product which is non-toxic, pesticide-free, maintenance-free, disposable, and even works on fruit flies and pesticide-resistant flies.

One trap will cover half a football field and will catch 20,000 flies, a much broader range and larger capacity than other competing fly traps.

FliesBeGone outside the barn and Sticky Roll inside the barn comprise an effective and pesticide-free fly control program for dairies, stables, and premises of all kinds.

Kit comes complete with bag, protein-based bait concentrate and instructions. Just add water and hang it up. Lasts approximately one month.


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  • Model: 36201-50


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