Care Kit for Udders

Udder Care Kit!  Works for cows, goats, sheep!  This kit provides 3 necessary items for caring for your animals udders/teats. And you get enough to last quite a while!

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1 gallon Foaming Teat Dip:

Coburn Foam ‘n’ Dip is a ready-to-use iodine teat dip ideal for any teat foaming applicators. Using Foam ‘n’ Dip as a pre-dip provides superior teat coverage while also reducing dip usage. NPE Free. Contains 0.5% iodine & 5% glycerin.
  • Scrubbing bubbles help to remove soil from teats
  • Use less and Long lasting
  • NPE free
  • Distinctive orange color
 2 RJB Top Dipper Foamer - Teat Dip Cups, 2 different colors so you know which one belongs to which animal if you want.  Set comes with one red, and one blue.  (Also available in yellow and green, let us know if you want different colors than red and blue)

The RJB TopDipper Teat Foamers are a new innovation in the extensive line of RJB teat sanitation tools. The Foamers produce a thick rich lather with just a gentle squeeze of the flexible bottle. Most teat dips will produce excellent results when used in the new RJB Foamers.

Because of the unique patented shape of the cup (the PowrDipper Principle), the teat completely fills the cup, causing dip to be pushed up and around the teat, giving completecoverage from the tip to the base of the udder. Only 4cc's of dip (less than a teaspoon) are needed to produce enough foam to cover 4 teats. Dip does not return to the bottle, yet onlya small amount of dip remains in the cup, reducing waste. The foam will collapse in a short while, leaving the teat entirely covered with liquid teat dip.

1 Complete CMT Mastitis Test Kit The California Mastitis Test is an easy, accurate and inexpensive cow-side mastitis test. Simply collect milk from each quarter into the four cups of the paddle and squirt in the reagent for an immediate positive or negative reaction. Complete kit consists of 4-cup test paddle, squeeze bottle reagent dispenser, directions, and 16 oz. bottle of CMT concentrate, enough for 1 gallon of reagent.

Tube of Original Udder Balm  -Made in the USA!     There is nothing like it for soothing and moisturizing dry and cracked skin. No other bag balm or salve has the unique blend of ingredients found in Original Udder Balm.  Great to use a small amount on your hands if hand milking, and great to apply some after milking with a machine.

Original Udder Balm helps provide a barrier against the effects of weather extremes of low humidity, hot or cold temperatures, and wind. Daily application also aids in soothing and softening chapped and irritated skin. Used by cyclists, runners, and other athletes to prevent chafing.  Great for your own hands!


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