Behmor 2000AB Plus Coffee Roaster



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The Behmor® 2000AB Plus is an easy to use unit and our top choice for balancing roast quality with affordability. Based on a rotating drum, similar to commercial roasters, you can roast up to one pound at a time. As a drum style roaster it is much quieter than air bed roasters. The smoke suppression technology is also a key feature for indoor use. It comes with preprogrammed roast profiles but you can also use manual mode to control temps and drum speed. 

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  • Large capacity home roaster - 1/4 lb to 1 lb
  • New higher multi-speed motor for better control during roasting
  • More powerful MCU micro controller cuts data refresh time by 50%
  • On board audible beep advisory (unattended safety cutoff and :15 remaining warning)
  • Reprogrammable firmware feature (requires wired connection)
  • Patented smoke suppression technology
  • 5 custom pre-programmed roast profiles
  • Manual roasting override ability of key settings
  • Cooling cycle for quick end to roasting duration
  • Thermostatically controlled quartz roasting elements
  • Lighted interior for visual monitoring during roasting
  • Easy to read and operate display
  • Adjustable time controls to adjust roast times on-the-fly
  • Removable roasting drum with internal braces for full bean turbulence
  • Removable chaff tray for easy cleaning
  • Fan separates chaff from the bean and into the chaff tray
  • Automatic system diagnostics for troubleshooting
  • Easy to clean interior
  • New double pane glass
  • RoHS compliant
  • 4 Pre-Programmed Time Controls
  • Operate at 55db or less 
  • Power draw is 1630w/15a (Designed for use in 120v/ 60hz environments ONLY)
  • Dims: 17" L x 12" W x 10.25" H