Behmor 1600 Plus Coffee Roaster



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Get started with the coolest roaster on the market - the Behmor 1600 Plus! We've used the Behmor 1600  Plus roaster for years now and always loved it. Several employees use this roaster at home as well. We love the large capacity and the fact that is relatively quiet and not so smoky. Plus the design of it looks like something that actually belongs on the counter-top! 

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The Behmor is also fairly quick in the roast process, able to get to first crack in 10-12 minutes. This is important because it more closely resembles commercial roasting times.  Roasters that take longer can produce less dynamic, flatter tasting beans that feature less acidity and less sweetness.

? Largest Capacity Home Roaster - 1 lb max to 1/4 lb min
? Patent Pending Smoke Removal/Air Filtration System
? Quick Start Controls
? Patent Pending Cooling Cycle/System
? 4 Pre-Programmed Time Controls
? 5 Custom Pre-Programmed Heat/Roast Profile Controls
? Custom Time Controls to Adjust Roast Times On-The-Fly
? RoHS Compliant *(The Behmor 1600 has been manufactured to meet all specifications required for RoHS certification)
? Patent Pending Multi-Speed Roast/Cooling Motor System

? Lighted Interior
? Very QUIET-Designed to Operate at 55db or Less
? Thermostatically Controlled Quartz Roasting Elements

? Power draw is 1630w/15a (Designed for use in 120v/ 60hz environments ONLY)
? Dimensions (inches) 17.5Lx10.5Hx12.5D Cubic inches appx. 1850/218 sq. in foot print
? Automatic System Diagnostic – Troubleshooting

New/Added Behmor 1600 Plus Features a Multi Program Interface:

? Advanced Power and Heat Control

? Motor Control During Roast Cycle

? Rosetta Stone Auto Reset

Automatic Safety Cut Off (Unattended Switch)

? System Temperature Readings

? System Self - Test