35 lb Stainless Bucket Assembly for One Goat




Standard Features:

  • This complete bucket milker is "ready to milk right out of the box", just connect to your vacuum source.
  • Silicone inflations with clear shells for average size does. (smaller sizes available upon request)
  • 5 foot standard length hoses are longer than the competition to better fit more milking applications.
  • The ITP205 claws are the best available, made by Interpuls in Italy, the claws automatically shut off when the cluster is removed or if the cluster is kicked off. This prevents accidental dirt intake and stabilizes vacuum when attaching and removing clusters it also allows removal of 1 inflation for does that milk unevenly.


 Comes with Silicone milk hose upgrade. Lasts longer than standard hose, stays more flexible, easier to keep clean.


1 x 35 lb. Bucket  (holds little over 4 Gallons)
1 x Bucket Lid
1 x Lid Adapter
1 x Pulsator
1 x Goat Cluster with ITP205 Claws
5' x 5/8" Milk Hose
5' x 9/32" Vac. Hose
10' x 1/2' Vac Hose


  • Model: 62585G-1

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