1.5HP Portable Milker with 35# Stainless Bucket

USA made 1.5 HP Portable Milking Machine with 35# (4.4 gallon) stainless steel bucket assembly for one cow. Comes with everything you need to get started right away!  And because the cost of the fantastic pumps on this machine has gone up in price, we are offering an upgrade of all silicone milk hose, silicone inflations and a set of special  inflation plugs now for a limited time at no extra cost to you.  As always, you will still get our great customer service, helping you with your purchase decision and with support down the road.

Now available... ships 1-2 weeks. Ships by Freight. We call you with the freight quote.

Other options available... 55#, 65#, or 70# stainless steel bucket (up to 8 gallons);  or set ups for one or two animals such as cows, goats or sheep.  This powerful machine is setup-ready to milk 4 cows at one time, or 8 goats and sheep at one time... all you would need to add is the right number of buckets and claw assemblies.  Please give us a call for these other options.  Let us help you get exactly the machine you need!

The money saved on buying "cheap" portable milkers is more than offset by the harm it does to the animals through milking with poor equipment.  Portable milking can and should be the equal of parlor or stanchion barn milking. Every component on this portable milking machine has appropriately sized rotary vane vacuum pumps with reserve tanks controlled by adjustable regulators and vacuum gauges. No compromise is ever made for portability.

Designed with total portability in mind, this 1.5 HP portable milking machine is very easily transported around the farm or to shows. With a compact width of only 24" the milkers are able to fit through any standard doorway with no trouble. The balanced design gives them a low center of gravity lending a light handling touch to the units making it easy to maneuver with only one hand. With oversized wheels and pneumatic tires, the milkers easily traverse rough terrain or travel smoothly over level walkways.  They have as standard, features that other pump suppliers don't even offer as options offer such as liquid filled gauges, silencers to keep things quite and oil catching mufflers to keep your work area clean and mess free.

STABLE VACUUM BUILT IN. Our USA made full size, standard vacuum pumps produce ample, consistent vacuum for this portable milker. The 1.5 HP #3 Conde pump produces 12 CFM. The vacuum is stabilized with a separate large capacity reserve tank: a component found in any pipeline system, but rarely on the small portable milkers. It also has a self correcting, adjustable vacuum regulator that will immediately and effectively counteract vacuum fluctuations caused by milking multiple animals at the same time. Accurate glycerine dial vacuum gauges are used to keep check on the entire system while the milkers are running.

1.5 HP Vac Supply portable milker - Made in the USA
  • Direct Drive
  • 1 Year Warrantee
  • Large Balance Tank
  • 10" Pneumatic Tires
  • Baldor Electric Motor
  • Conde Vac Pump
  • Solid Brass REgulating Valve
  • Oil Catching Muffler (means no mess!)
  • Easy to REad Glycerin Gauge
  • Ships Fully Assembly by Truck - call for quote

Standard bucket Includes: ( $ 37 for upgrade with Silicone Milk Line and Inflations )
1 x 35 lb. Stainless Bucket (4.4 gal)
1 x Bucket Lid
1 x Lid Adapter
1 x Interpuls Style pulsator Made in USA (factory set at 60:40)
4 x
Delaval 06 Shells
1 x 01A Inflations
4 x Air Tubes
1 x Westfalia 300 Claw
5' x 5/8" Milk Hose
5' x 1/4" Twin Vac. Hose
10' x 1/2' Vac Hose


This item will ship via TRUCK  We will call you with shipping quote. You can call us ahead for a shipping quote too! We can ship this to Canada!

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