Milk Bar Teat Tool

The fully galvanized Milk Bar Teat Tool is ideal for removing old teats and inserting new teats.

  • Cleverly designed to easily pull out teats
  • Fully galvanized.


  • To remove one: Place teat in the Milk Bar Teat tool. Tighten the Milk Bar Teat Tool over the teat.
  • Lever the Milk Bar Teat tool Back, and the teat pops out!
  • To insert one:  Place the tip of the teat on a downward angle through the hole.
  • Grab tip with a pair of blunt nose pliers and pull through as far as is easy.
  • Use Milk Bar Teat tool to pull teat into place.

Did you know?   Using pull through teats ensure that the teat stays in the correct angle in the feeder and won't loosen.  Screw in teats can rotate and unscrew during the feeding.


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