Kow Kant Kick

Kow Kant Kick is the tool needed when your cow's udders are full of edema after calving, or if you just can't get your cow to stop kicking.

Kow Kant Kick fits any size animal and is now improved with a black powder-coated finish. To use, slip over the animal's back and crank the handle to immobilize the muscles of the rear legs that control kicking. It works on either side of the pin bone. The arms are rubber-tipped to protect the animal. Wt. 13 lbs.

It is very important though to use the Kow Kant Kick correctly or you can hurt your cow or yourself.  We don't recommend using this product without proper means of securing your cow from falling. By immobilizing the rear legs the cow can easily fall over without support.

So, the best way is to create a "chute" that you can "squeeze" together once your cow is inside.  Also tether your cow with lead rope to the chute.  Now just milk easily without risk of your cow falling and without any kicking... milk her out totally!  See the photo of this product in use!


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