The Guardian Cart Recorder is the first and only temperature recorder developed specifically for farm bulk tank applications. It provides dairymen with a hard-copy record of how the milk is being cooled and stored, as well as the time and temperature of the cleaning cycles. Works well with the MilkPlan Cooling Tanks.

These are arriving 3nd week in March! Sometimes they are sold out by the time they arrive. Call all us for the order so we can make sure one is available for you. 

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It allows optimization of cooling, protects against “hot” loads, and insures the tank was properly cleaned and sanitized before re-use. This ensures that your milk is properly cooled and remains cool while stored in the bulk tank.  The result is higher quality milk and increased premiums for you!

The standard digital display, along with high and low temperature alarm relays provide early warning signals of potential problems.

High temperature alarm alters you to cooling problems, preventing lost loads of milk.

The “Guardian” ships as a complete package, including a pre-wired sensor (no more bulky, hard to install capillaries), ready to install on the tank, or up to 25’ away.


  • Single pen
  • Digital display
  • Easily calibrated
  • 100 Paper charts included
  • Electronic sensor input
  • Alarm relay to interface with user supplied light or audible alarm
  • Available in 24 Hour / 48 Hour / 72 Hour / 7 Day

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