This wash system is designed specifically for the Milkplan brand transport tanks however it can be used on any tank that has an integral spray ball. Designed to be simple and effective the washer is easy to use and comes pre programmed and ready to wash. The washer plugs into any standard 110Volt outlet with no special electrical requirements. To wash: simply hook up the water line to the tank and the outlet of the tank to the washer and press start. The washer runs through wash and rinse cycles automatically and drains between each cycle. Once the washer is done simply disconnect the water and outlet hose.  Check out the other photos here. 



Simple operation

Simply hook up the water hose to the tanks wash port and connect the outlet valve to the washer and press the start button! That's it.

Digital Controller

The user friendly digital controller manages the 5-step wash operations. It comes pre-programmed for no hassle plug & play. The controller is fully adjustable to allow for wash cycles to be totally customizable to meet your requirements if needed.

Effective washing

The water dispersion system with special rotating ball provides excellent cleaning of the interior of the tank.

Strong water pump

The powerful water pump ensures uninterrupted recirculation and continuous water flow as well as proper spray pressure.

Top Quality

All metal components inside the washing systems are stainless steel to prevent any possibility of corrosion.

Independent peristaltic pumps

Two independent peristaltic pumps for detergent and acid.
110 Volt Operation

Plugs into any 110V standard outlet.
Wall mount


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  • Model: MPWASH


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