Basic Digimet 3000--Spanish

The Digimet 3000 is a 5-key, hand-held, battery operated, microprocessor-based meter which reads a variety of vacuum and pulsation characteristics in the milking system. This is the Spanish-language version with instructions, labels and readout in Spanish. Featuring a serial port and a variety of additional internal features, the Digimet 3000 displays average, maximum, and minimum vacuum level, fluctuation level, pulsator ratio, pulses per minute, milk/rest ratio. DOS and Windows software is included to allow numerical and waveform data to be named, saved and then uploaded to your computer for filing, insertion into other programs, or printing.

Features a dual scale for inches Mercury (Hg) or kPa. Basic Digimet 3000 includes readout unit with preloaded computer programs, serial cable, miscellaneous fittings, case and carrying strap.


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  • Model: 3000DBS


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