Weston 2.5" X 20" Mahogany Sausage Casing (20 ct)

Make delicious homemade sausage easy with the Weston Brand Mahogany Casing. These non-edible casings are used for summer sausages, lunch meats, semi-dried or dried pepperoni. They allow for excellent smoke penetration and at the same time are very strong for tight stuffing and shrinkage. Each casing is string-tied on one end. To close the open end of the sausage after stuffing, you can use hog-rings, twist ties or twine to insure a tight seal.

2.5" x 20" Casing (Large Pepperonis, Lunch Meats, and Summer Sausage)
20 casings per package, enough casings for 60 Ibs. of sausage
Each casing holds approx. 3 lbs of meat


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  • Model: 19-0202-W


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