Italian Mozzarella Cheesemaking Kit

Introducing our Real Italian Mozzarella Kit and is exclusively from Homesteader's Supply!  Most mozzarella recipes call for using citric acid, vinegar or lemon.. making your cheese in about 30 minutes, an easy way to get what you want fast.  But, if you would like to try an old fashioned way to make the best mozzarella you have ever tasted, try our kit where the recipe uses a special Italian culture instead of citric acid, that adds a very unique old-world flavor to this cheese.  And of course, the extra time involved making this cheese also enhances the great flavor and a smooth traditional texture that doesn't fall apart.

Yes, our kit may be a few dollars more than our competitor's kits, but our kit contains real cheese cultures from Italy for far superior flavor and texture, which does add cost to our kit.  Other kits save you money with low cost products that produce their  "fast" commerical type cheese in a few minutes.  So, we offer you an alternative to that "fast" product...  the opportunity to make Real Italian Mozzarella! and we give you Free Shipping!   After all, who does Mozzarella cheese better than the Italians?!

Part one of our recipe will instruct you how to make the curds.  For the 2nd part, we have added a video below that will teach you the best and easiest way to turn your curds into real mozzarella. Stretching mozzarella really is an art, but so much fun! Check out the video below to learn the real way to stretch mozz cheese!

This kit is the real deal, all the supplies you need for making real old-world mozzarella cheese just like the professionals, and there is enough culture to keep you going in your cheesemaking for a long time. And, who better to buy from than a company that does make cheese and will answer your questions!

Now we offer free shipping to the lower 48 states! 

This type of Mozzarella cheese does take time and effort, like some other cheeses. But you know the saying, anything worthwhile is worth the effort!

Our cheese making kit uses real Italian cultures, all Non-GMO, to make this cheese delicious. And we give you 3 different ones to enjoy 3 different flavors and textures. This kit does NOT contain anything else like citric acid or vinegar and does NOT need the use of a microwave! No bland, bitter or sour taste. You will appreciate this all natural way of making the best cheese from real Italian cultures!

Our REAL Italian Mozzarella Cheese Making kit contains:

  • 3 Italian Mozzarella Cultures:  each has it's own distinct flavor and texture!
  • Vegetarian Rennet Powder - measure out exactly what you want to use, Triple Strength, Non-GMO!
  • Cheese Making Thermometer and Natural Sea Salt
  • Italian Cheese mold for draining and forming cheese
  • 1 oz Calcium Chloride (needed for use with pasteurized milk)
  • 1 Recipe from expert cheese maker Margaret Morris from her book The Cheesemaker's Manual



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