Cheese Ripening - Stainless Steel Drying Rack 8” x 11 ¾"

This wire grate makes a great cheese drying rack for cheese ripening.  Stainless Steel, not chrome, so no rusting! Heavy duty such that is will hold up to 3-4 lb wheel of freshly made cheese, and probably more!  Has legs so air drying is all around. Great size 8” x 11 ¾" 

Also great to rest your cheese wheel on the counter for best air drying.  And also to place the cheese press on top it while draining the whey  and the legs keep the cheese from sitting in the whey, especially if your rack is sitting in a baking pan or cookie sheet to collect the whey... no more whey all over the counter!

And of course it has many more uses... like for cooling down your pot of warm milk before adding the yogurt culture, or cooling  a freshly backed bread or cake.

Featuring heavy duty strong wire grid, smooth no-snag edges and sturdy supporting feet,

Dimensions:  8” x 11 ¾"

Perfectly spaced grid pattern optimizes air circulation underneath and prevents the food from falling through. Made of food grade stainless steel. Convenient to wash by hand and dishwasher safe.


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  • Model: SSCR-2


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