Milking Kit for Goats and Sheep

Complete kit for milking your small animals like goats and sheep, and maybe even a mini cow!  Kit brought to you exclusively by Homesteaders Supply!


One Heavy Duty One Gallon Stainless Steel Bucket with secure lid and bail handle.

One Stainless Steel Funnel

One Stainless Steel Filter

This is everything you need to hand milk your small critter.  Milk into the bucket, secure the milk with the lid, carry to your filter area, place the funnel on top of your glass jar with the filter in the funnel... then pour your milk through the filter and the funnel makes sue it all gets into the jar with no waste.  This filter will last a long time, you can even wash it in the dishwasher, or heat it up in water in a pot to steralize if for the next milking.

Easy, compact, lightweight, and sturdy!

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  • Model: HSMK03


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