Sweet Marys Wood Butter Mold

Butter mold and press for 1 pound block of butter! Made in USA! Special Sale pricing!

Made with beautiful hard Cherry wood!   With Butter culture! And Free Shipping to the 50 United States! And we add a Recipe for Making Cultured Butter!

Comes with the best Butter culture and Free shipping to the 50 United States!

These are now in stock!

Now you can mold and press out a 1 pound block of butter, or smaller blocks depending upon how far back you pull the press, with this hand-made Butter Mold!  Hold the press half way and make a half pound block of butter!  Block of butter size for full lb is approx 5" X 2"  and 3" deep.

Designed and manufactured by Homesteader's Supply right here in the USA!  And, we include a free culture that turns your butter into a flavorful and healthy product full of beneficial lacto-bateria just like healthy yogurt.  We also provide instructions for using the butter press, a receipe for making butter with the culture, and we offer free shipping by Priority Mail (to the 50 states in America.

  • Now includes insert for access to a free Cultured Butter Recipe from Wardee Harmon, founder of Traditional Cooking School, with photos and step by step explanation. FREE!

NEW product made by Homesteaders Supply, here in the USA!  

Check out the video below from Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS.   Want to learn how to make butter and cheese?  Click the link to check out her classes!

Want to learn how to preserve your butter, using pressure cooker so it will last about 5 years on the shelf?  Check out How I Can Butter - 5 year Shelf Life  a video by Homestead Heart on YouTube! 

So, how did we get the design and name for our wonderful butter mold?    Back in the early 1900s my great Aunt Mary lived on a farm with her husband Henry and their many critters. Her favorite cow was her Jersey named Sweet Marabelle that produced the most cream of any of their 4 other dairy girls. Mary churned all that cream into the best butter around that area. But, with so much butter to trade and give away to family and friends, she had Henry make her a mold that would press out block after block "swift as the wind" as Aunt Mary used to say.   That's when Henry nicknamed her Sweet Mary!  Although Sweet Mary and her butter mold are gone, the memories remain! 

      ... jerri, owner of Homesteader's Supply    Click on the main photo and check out the other photos including one with Henry and his Sweet Mary!

Our butter molds are made with the same hard Cherry as our Ultimate Cheese Presses!  Each one is finished by craftsmen, and then oiled with 100% Non-GMO organic Coconut Oil!  Just reapply oil when needed.   The word "butter" is carved right into the side of each mold.  Made with precision, each follower fits into the mold extremely well so that little butter is left behind after pressing out your 1 lb block of butter.  And you can press room temperature butter over and over with the same mold without having to soak the mold or freeze the butter!  Many folks press the block of butter onto wax paper which can be folded over the block, and then they stack neatly in the freezer for storage. 

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